This is - nuclearsantas freeshell account website. I use this website to keep myself organized and sane when planning projects. Most of the text on the page is for me, so you probley won't understand it. If you have any questions or comments you can email me at


The idea of HCMS is to create a fully functional Content Managment System using OO PHP and a MySQL database. Yay another CMS with bugs and crap you're thinking, well, to some extent your right. HCMS is a CMS that is specifically designed for websites that have "Hacking Challenges", like the ones featured on or HCMS aims to be completly secure. This ofcourse cannot be guaranteed because both PHP and MySQL have their own security errors.

HCMS is run from two servers, a Pentium two with 256 megabytes of ram; and a Pentium three with 512 megabytes of ram. Both are located in my basement in Winnipeg Manitoba and use my house connection (256k). The operating system of choice is OpenBSD 4.1. Any donations are more than welcome. For any person that doesn't live on the computer, the system that is being used for is crap, the kind of computer system you would find on ebay for mabye $150. So any help would be great :)

HCMS will be available for free use, no questions asked. There is no "Created by HCMS" in the footer or HTML code. All that I ask is that you email me and let me know that your using it. If you would like to make it public knowledge that you use HCMS please feel free, but don't feel obligated to.

Below is a TODO list of things to do for HCMS, mostly to do with gandalf.

  • Get gandalf running OpenBSD 4.1 instead of freebsd
  • Install subversion to gandalf
  • Install mysql
  • Install php 5.2.4 and apache 1.3.37
  • WebSVN